Size Chart


All our garments are constructed differently depending on the designer. Our size charts serve as a sizing guide to help you figure out the best size for you. If you’re in between sizes, it is always better to select the bigger size to allow room for alterations.

How to Measure

  1. Bust: Measurement of the bust is taken at the fullest part with arms positioned down with your bra worn.
  2. Waist: This is the measurement around the narrowest point of the true waistline.
  3. Hip: Measurement around the fullest part of the hip.

You’ll need to take 3 measurements: BUST, WAIST & HIPS and here’s how!

To begin you will need a (cloth) measuring tape and pen and paper to take note of your measurements. Good posture is recommended for best results!


Wear a bra that will be similar to the bra you will wear with your dress.

Wrap the measuring tape around your chest at the fullest part of your bust and the widest part of your back, usually at the nipple line. Clip or tape it to keep it in place. Ensure it is a snug fit, just like how you’d expect the dress to fit on you.

Stand naturally with your legs together and your arms at your sides


Place the tape at your natural waistline, usually one inch above the belly button. This is usually the smallest part of your waist.

Don’t pull the tape in too tight or suck your belly in unnaturally, you want to be able to feel comfortable in your dress!


Stand naturally with your legs and feet together in a relaxed posture.

Position the tape around the widest part of your hips. A mirror will come in handy to check.

View our Size Chart on the Product Detail page for each garment after you have taken your measurements in order to know what size dress to order.

If you have any questions about taking your own measurements, you can always contact our Stylists for a sizing recommendation by e-mailing sizes 6-18

CUSTOMISED: sizes 2 & 4, 20-24 incur an additiobal of $50 per dress; sizes 26-30 are additional 50% of the dress.